IT Checklist to Moving Offices

15. 01. 06
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Relocating offices?  I.T. is often overlooked, and is critical to a functional office.   This checklist (click Read More) from Net Informant will help ensure you have a successful move.   If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

  • ISP -  Internet service in place, demark is extended, Static IP info is available, etc.  (ISPs can take between 1 week to a month to install!  Order early)
  • Firewall – Need admin rights login to the firewall to reprogram
  • Servers – Domain Admin access to servers may be required, especially if DNS or other network services are proxy’d through server.  This may be granted through a special account, or by having staff on hand to log in when requested.
  • Phone - Service is ordered and installed (Telecom services can take between 1 week to a month to install!  Order early)
  • Phone - System is being installed by Phone vendor
  • Cabling – Network and Phone jacks are available at every desk
  • Cabling -  Is cabling correct for phone system … Cat5+ vs Cat3
  • Cabling - Internal cabling is in place (building code requires cabling be stripped when changing tenants, critical to double check!  Wall plates do not mean there is cabling behind them!)
  • Electrical - Electrical is available in office MPOE
  • Electrical – Any battery UPS units moving?  Is the power correct at the new site (NEMA twist lock required?  220A?)
  • Furniture – Any desks or cubicles with pre wiring that will require hookup?
  • Furniture – Any conference tables with special data or power requirements, floor monuments, etc.
  • Computers – Is the staff responsible for physically moving their computer?   If not, do we have a seating chart?  Are all computers clearly labeled?
  • Servers – Are all servers properly backed up prior to move.  There is always potential damage to discs when moving servers.
  • Printers -  Any document center leased printers must be moved by the copier company.
  • Printers – In cases with document centers, is there sufficient power for larger printers at the expected install location.
  • DNS – Do we have access to DNS Hosts and Registrars?  Need to change any IPs.   Changes can take 24-48 hours to go into full effect.  May want to establish secondary records.
  • Spam Filtering / Email – Does the server onsite host email, and is there an external spam filter service?  Both may require changes.  Please have the login info available.