What lies ahead?  2015 will be a year of team building.   True to its founding, Net Informant has started with high level engineering, and is now building a core team of field engineers to help expand our best practices and support to the greater San Diego area.


In October of 2012, Net Informant was born as an IT consultancy, helping companies of all sizes with network design and management.  We ventured forth with the desire to help companies with the bigger IT challenges, that most help desks were not equipped to handle.



In 2014, Net Informant S.P. was retired, and Net Informant Incorporated was born.  Along with the new entity, we built our platforms for RMM support, cloud services, and an all new ticketing platform.  The team grew to include a new senior engineer, as well as back office team members.


For the years prior to forming Net Informant, many of the key members worked together at an IT company based in San Diego.   We worked closely with our clients, and each engineer was assigned to a specific client, with back up being provided by other team members.   Our years at this company are highly valued, and we appreciate the original team that gave us many opportunities.  In 2011, the company was purchased by a larger company with ambitious dreams based in Texas.  However the dynamics changed with leadership so far from the clients we cared for, and many of us felt the new organization was not a proper fit.   Wishing our old team the best of luck, we ventured off to build something new, sticking to the core principle that a personal and open relationship with the client leads to the strongest working team.



2013 was a year for explosive growth, in which we built our co-location facilities and servers, launched our Network Monitoring platform, and expanded the team with the inclusion of Michael Zadeik, our professional consultant for carrier and telecom services, and customer service director.